Top 10 New Features Of iOS 15 ⚡ New Notifications, FaceTime Links, 3D Maps & More | WWWDC 2021 | iOS 15

 iOS 15 is here friends and on the first day of WWEDC 2021 lots and lots of features were spoken. I'm going to tell you 10 top features of iOS 15 2021 which I think are really really good but in one line if I have to talk about iOS 15 I'll say one thing is 14 was all about looks your home screen widgets look and feel but this one is all about communication productivity. Yes lot of new features have been introduced around face time around messaging around notifications. So it's basically communication and productivity,

Source : Techaedgar : Everthing announced at WWDC 2021 : 

Notification Summary : The right notification that you wanted on time everything just came in and it was right there you had to scroll and scroll and scroll and still you could not find the right notifications or the important notifications that you wanted. But not with iOS 15. Now the notifications are going to be shown up according to your usage. what is important essentially iOS will find out which of the notifications or which app notifications you use most commonly. (for eg when your notification arrives if you click it immediately that means it is important) and that's how it will prioritize and show you at the top even the icons for notifications have been enlarged overall the way notification shows up is much much better than what it was previously.

Also there is one Nifty feature they have added where if you miss certain notification you have not seen it in a single tile it will tell you that you have got notifications from whatsapp or whichever app notification you have received so that again is a good thing. In just one snapshot you will come to
know about all the notifications that you have received.

Facetime : Facetime gets a huge update seriously earlier it was just one on one video chatting tool so to say not anymore it has become a video conferencing tool. Multiple people can talk about it but while talking you actually get spatial audio ( that means if five people are talking and according to placement of windows or the users you'll basically hear the noise ) So it's kind of more interactive and more immersive to say and to make it even more immersive they have added portrait mode. Yes you can blur the background while on a facetime call so that's very interesting again and the biggest thing.

Now I think it is more of a video conferencing tool you can not only share the links you can actually schedule you know you could not schedule a facetime
call. Now you can schedule and share the link not only with iPhone users but
android users as well yes and when they click it it will open in a browser and then you can interact. So even android users can use facetime now for video conferencing. If you are watching a movie or listening to audio you can actually share it with your facetime participants. So yes five of you can get together and watch the same movie at the same time on facetime.

iMessages : Another new update that I really liked on iOS 15 was in their iMessages especially when you share some media like multiple images earlier it used to come one after the other so you have to scroll vertically. Now all the images let's say there are 10 images that a sender has shared with you it will show you as a stacked image and you can just swipe and it's that easy you don't have to scroll you just swipe and the new images will be shown up.

DND - notified in iMessages : Also they have added a focus mode and that's focus mode is not only for yourself it to a certain extent others also know that you are in a focus mode yes that is basically do not disturb or DND. If someone is calling you or someone is sending you a message the person will actually come to know that you are in DND mode. They will specifically ask you whether you should send that message or not.

But thankfully if it is an important message they can send it but that warning that alert will be given that the person you are sending that message is in focus mode he does not want to be disturbed. so yeah I think that's also nice another new feature in iOS 15 is live text.

Live Text : It's basically answer to google lens which is there on android
this is exactly the same ( for eg there is a brochure you take a picture
and you want to extract text out of it you can very easily do it with live text
google lens has been around for last few years and it has come a long way) I think live text is just started and over the next few years we'll see more features added.

Apple maps : Maps has also got a big update although it is still in works. I think this is a big update why because now if you ask for directions if you are in one of those eight cities where it is enabled you will actually be able to see the directions in 3D. So a lot of times when there is a road and a bridge side by side you tend to go on the road but you have to go on the bridge but with 3D directions you will not have that issue so yes 3D directions and 3D maps has come to apple maps in iOS 15.

iOS 15 weather : App has also been improved now you come to know air quality index wind speed. So lot of new data has been added which makes your weather app even more richer.

Apple wallet : Apple wallet has got an interesting feature suppose you're traveling and you check into a hotel when you check in you generally get a physical key not anymore with apple wallet you can actually get the key
inserted into apple wallet. So it will be a soft key with which you can open your room. So yes Interesting feature added in apple wallets.

The eligible devices of iOS 15 :

So who is getting iOS 15 you know that is one very very strong point of apple
generally even the devices which are like five six year old they also get updates and it's not different in iOS 15 case.

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