Redmi Watch Review | Is Xiaomi Smartwatch Good? | Don't Buy Before Knowing This

Redmi has brought its budget range smartwatch and is priced at 3,999 Rs. It has good and interesting things but misses out some important features. Yes, it comes under budget smartwatch.

Now I know a lot of questions about this watch comes under our mind, like is it just a mi band with a watch form factor or actually a smart watch or a fitness band/watch? should you buy this or not?

We’ll talk everything about this watch. Inside the box you will get a charging case with a long cable, so that is good and documentation.

Redmi Watch Build Quality - Looking at the watch feels like a kids watch. Especially this color but you do get different band color options & these bands are removable. It comes in 3-4 color options & band options so you get lots and lots of combinations. You’ll not be removing these bands frequently so that's fine.

Build quality is decent. If it came in black color, it would’ve looked professional also bezels are big from almost all sides.

Redmi Watch Display - It has a 1.4’’ LCD screen but interestingly Mi band 6 gets a much bigger screen around 1.56’. So they’ve made this watch a lot bigger because of those bezels.

Redmi Watch display brightness - it's decently bright with good indoor visibility but let me tell you it's for 3,999 Rs so that is expected.

Redmi Watch OS - Apps looks too crowded here. So you will face some accidental touches. And you can't distinguish between apps because it doesn't get texts & only icons are present. There are 6-7 watch faces by default but you can download more from the Xiaomi Wear app. It has more than 200 different different watch faces so you can download if you want.

Redmi Watch Features - it has heart rate, sleep monitoring, 11 sports mode, 5 ATM - you can take it for swim. It has a GPS inbuilt which is a good about this but, a it's missing SpO2. In today's world SpO2 is very essential and important. So SpO2 should’ve been there which is missing in this watch.

Redmi Watch Battery life - it’ll last you for around 10 days which is claimed by Xiaomi but if you keep GPS on all the time then you’ll get only 1 day of battery life.

Redmi Watch Charging time - Redmi Watch takes up to 2 hours to charge from 0-100%.

Redmi Watch Additional features - it gets many small new features : showing weather, clock, alarm, flashlight, notifications. You can control music. The features that are generally present on all the smartwatch are also available as well in this Redmi Smart Watch .

Redmi Watch Sensors - 3 Axis gyroscope and accelerometer, barometer and yes compass is also there.

Conclusion - With many features like downloading and changing the watch face etc. Many more and other settings that you can't do directly on this small watch screen can be easily done on the Xiaomi Wear app. Redmi Watch Price - I’ll say it's comes in decent price. As I said SpO2 should’ve been there which is missing in this watch. If compared to design & look and feel of the watch then you can look to buy at Redmi Watch.

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