Realme Smart TV 4K Value TV Overview - Ultra-HD and Dolby Vision

The new real me smart tv's they actually launched two 4k televisions the 43 inch and the 50 inch variant. so I'll give you my impressions the good thing is that now we know the exact pricing this 43 inch 4k variant is for 28,000 Rs and they also launched a 50 inch variant that is for 40,000Rs.

This tv is actually pretty good for the price in fact it also has this Dolby vision the audio is actually really good. It's a 4k panel that we are having. Bezels are pretty thin on this one. It is a smart TV so Netflix and stuff is there.

If you just play a movie it's playing in 4k. You also have Netflix, prime that was pre-installed these are the apps that are pre-installed obviously YouTube is there but you can also go to the google play store and actually install whatever apps that you want. The interface is good it's not leggy.

This one unique thing about this one is that Realme claims that this one has actually 4 microphones. You can see you can control the television even you can switch off the television without the remote. We can control and do everything in fact what I like is that right now the TV is in standby mode but here also we can use the voice commands. You can use it like a google assistant you can ask anything.

You can do basic tasks without actually even touching the remote so I like that functionality moving to the ports at the back again it's a plastic bag guys
it has 3 HDMI ports so you can connect a sound bar then we have 2 USB ports 1 LAN port and also we have audio out and of course wi-fi.

Conclusion :

Realme 4k television is actually a really good television it has that android tv with it always on listening and stuff you have the smart remote the functionality is good it's very fluid in operations as we saw that and also has Netflix, Amazon prime and stuff like that. So in terms of user interface it's a very good user interface that we have the thing is that in many of the budget oriented televisions the thing is that the brightness of the TV is not that much that's not the case on this one and also I feel the audio quality is really good when you enable the Dolby audio it does make a difference and also I feel the picture quality is good and I like the fact that it does support that what do you say Dolby vision so overall for the price point of about under 30,000 this is actually a pretty good television.

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