Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies In 2021 | Top AI Future Technology In 2021

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies In 2021 | Top AI Future Technology In 2021

The Best AI Technologies that Rock the World :

1) Natural language generation : Natural language generation communicating or conveying the information efficiently and transparently is very much crucial in communication humans find it tricky to say the right words in the right sequence and convey the message clearly and when it comes to machines it's much trickier natural language generation is a sub-discipline of artificial intelligence and is a trendy technology that converts the structured data into native language

the machines are programmed in such a way that the algorithms convert the data into a desirable format for the users this technology is widely used in
customer service report generation and summarizing business intelligence insights sample vendors are attaboy automated insights, SAS cambridge semantics, digital reasoning, narrative science etc

2) Smart devices : Smart devices with every passing day smart devices are becoming more popular and more trendy technologies that people were using once upon a time are now remodeled and modified as smart devices they can be used in almost every industry to improve efficiency and optimize the operations
smart devices are everyday objects made intelligent with advanced computations which include artificial intelligence and machine learning
there are electronic gadgets that are able to connect share and interact with
its users and other smart devices some of these smart devices are smart watches, smart glasses, smartphones, and smart speakers etc.

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3) Virtual agents : Virtual agents are computer generated intelligence that provides online customer assistance they can effectively communicate with humans in most of the web and mobile applications we see chatbots as customer service agents who interact with us answering our queries in simple virtual agents are a manifestation of a technology which aims to create an effective but digital impersonalization of humans virtual agents can make reservations book an appointment, place an order and even avail product information some of the best examples of virtual agents are google assistant, amazon alexa etc companies that provide virtual agents are microsoft, Google, Amazon and assist AI.

4) Speech recognition : Speech recognition is yet another sub-discipline of artificial intelligence which is used to convert human speech into a comprehensive and useful format for computer applications to process it can be set as a bridge between computer interactions and humans it is presently used in interactive voice response systems and mobile applications some of the companies offering speech recognition services are nuanced communications open text nice and warrant systems followed by speech recognition we have augmented reality.

Augmented reality : Artificial intelligence augmented reality is an enhanced version of real physical world that is achieved using sound digital visual elements and other sensory stimulated delivery via technology augmented reality uses the existing environment and adds information to it to make it a new artificial environment it alters the perception of the real world environment augmented reality is making its way into several retail stores that make up selection and furnishing much more fun and interactive

6) Machine learning : Machine learning is an application and an important branch of artificial intelligence which refers to machine being able to learn by themselves
without being explicitly programmed
it enhances systems to learn and improve from experience automatically machine learning platforms are becoming more and more popular with the help of algorithms apis, big data and applications and training tools enterprises are heavily investing into machine learning to rape its benefits for various domains machine learning is widely used for categorization and prediction sample vendors are amazon, fractal, analytics google and microsoft etc

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) : Followed by machine learning we have robotic process automation (RPA) configuring a robot to interpret communicate and analyze data is robotic process automation it uses scripts and other methods to automate the human actions which in turn supports efficient business processes robotic process automation is widely used in those areas where the physical presence of a human is dangerous feels like a warfare mining etc where it's currently being used we need to remember that artificial intelligence is not meant to replace humans but instead it is used to complement their abilities and reinforce human talent. The companies focusing on robotic process
automation are pega systems automation anywhere blue prism etc.

8) Decision Management : Followed by RPA we have decision management is yet another technology in artificial intelligence that helps companies make
violent decisions by providing up-to-date and relevant information and performing analytic functions artificial intelligence when combined with decision management helps translate customer data to predictive models of key trends it also helps in making quick decisions avoidance of risks and the automation of the process decision management is widely used in the healthcare sector financial sector insurance sector e-commerce and many more some of the companies that provide this service are informatical advanced systems concepts bigger systems manager etc

9) Deep learning :
Deep learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that mimics the working of human brain and processing data this data is used for a variety of purposes like recognizing speech detecting objects translating languages
and making decisions deep learning uses hierarchical level of artificial neural networks for carrying out the process of machine learning which is used across. Several industries for various applications sample vendors are deep instinct fluid AI math works saffron technology etc

10) Image recognition : Image recognition is the process of detecting an object or feature in a digital image or video it can be used to analyze clients and their opinions verify users based on their faces detect license plates and diagnose diseases the present day image recognition is comparable to human visual perception many social media platforms like facebook use this technology to enhance image search and eight visually impaired users clarify google and sense time provide this technology so with that we have come to an end of this particular tutorial on top AI technologies.

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