Best 5 WhatsApp Alternatives | 5 Apps to Replace WhatsApp | Privacy-Focused Messaging Apps

The 5 Apps to Replace WhatsApp with – And 5 More To Avoid :

If you are suddenly reminded about the importance and quality of your social media privacy with the new WhatsApp row, then you are in luck too.

Best 5 WhatsApp Alternatives | 5 Apps to Replace WhatsApp | Privacy-Focused Messaging Apps
Best 5 WhatsApp Alternatives | Privacy-Focused Messaging Apps

We do not like that it took a potentially damaging thing like that to happen to open the eyes of users. But the end does justify the means sometimes.

Since the WhatsApp issue went viral, many users have been leaving the service in the search for greener pastures. This search can potentially expose users to a host of safe and unsafe chat platforms equally.

So that you don’t go from a bad situation to a worse one, we have explored the category of best encrypted messaging apps that you can replace WhatsApp with – and the ones you should not give a second glance at all.

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The IM Apps That Can Replace WhatsApp

Any one of these apps is safe enough to replace WhatsApp for you:


1. Telegram

The UK-based service has always committed to user data privacy and security. They continue to be a shining light in that regard with the way they continue to optimize the app to keep users safe.

Image source : Telegram

Now bundling the option of migrating your chats from WhatsApp without missing a beat, Telegram is surely ready for the users that are coming over from the troubled green IM.



     Offers end to end encryption like WhatsApp

●  Beat WhatsApp to the disappearing messages game – and it is better configured on Telegram

   Allows users to have a secret chat dashboard, in addition to normal chats too.

   Message deletion can happen anytime – and it is deleted from the  recipient’s side also.

    Allows group members of up to 200,000

    Users can upload up to three different profile images

●   Has a global search section you can use to find new people, join communities, etc.



   Telegram has been known to be the choice app for many group-based scams (especially ICOs and other crypto scams)

   The app notifies users when one of their contacts has joined. This could defeat the purpose of being a secret chat portal to some.


2. Signal

If you have been following the news, you would know that Elon Musk sent out a tweet urging his followers to switch to Signal.

Since this app is a non-profit that only thrives on donations, we know that Elon’s stance is not from a business perspective.

Image Source : Telegram

Furthermore, we love that this is the app endorsed by Edward Snowden himself. For someone who cares a lot about user privacy and security, that tells us a lot about the app.



       Backed by Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, and Brian Acton

       Not for profit, so the app never collects user data to sell or monetize in other ways

       Offers end to end encryption also

       Packs all the top and unique features of a modern-day chat application

       Incognito keyboard so that your phone stops learning from your chats

       Typing indicator removal

       Screen security to avoid message previews in-app slider



       Might not be used by your contacts

       Not fully anonymous. Still requires your phone number


3. Threema

Just because we remembered that the other two platforms above require you to register with your phone number, this one came to mind.

Image source : Threema work

Threema is a fully open-source chat app that takes privacy and user security so seriously – and they are confident enough to charge for it. Thankfully, it is a one-time fee and not an ongoing subscription.

They might not be as well-known as the other options on this list, but the company is making waves among choice users.


       Does not require a phone number or email to register

       Fully open-source platform

       The company maintains all its servers itself. Doesn't need to share information with any other company

       End to end encryption present on all chats, voice and video calls

       Highly secure desktop chat mode



       It is a paid app


4. Viber

Viber is one of those IM apps that came on board as an alternative to Skype. With a huge focus on making calls, Viber has now become an all-encompassing service with full-spectrum chat capabilities.

Image source : Viber

A huge selling point for Viber today is not the end-to-end encryption it offers or private and group chat features. It is that they allow users to make international calls at nominal rates – and the other user doesn't even need to have a Viber account to pick this call.



       Works as a cheaper phone call alternative

       Offers end-to-end encryption too

       Optimizes calls for clarity even over slightly poor internet connections



       Groups can’t take as many users as on WhatsApp – which is even already low


5. iMessages

We have learned not to trust any big tech firm fully but Apple continues to prove itself as dedicated to the user privacy race.

From their iPhones to other devices, engineering of the in-house Safari browser and plans to launch a privacy-focused search engine, we know that they mean business. This is the same attitude that they have brought to the iMessage.

Image source : iMessages

Bundled with iOS devices, iMessage allows users to communicate with one another SMS-style. Only that this communication is served by internet data rather than other carrier charges.

iMessages are also linked to Facetime to allow users to make and receive audio/ video calls. Need we remind you that Apple has put the highest level of encryption and security on all the texts, audio, and video calls that you can make on this platform – as well as the media you share.



       Backed by Apple’s promise of user privacy

       Integrates with Facetime for call and audio

       End to end encryption is present

       Integrates seamlessly with the SMS dashboard

       iMessage apps do not have access to the messages, audio, or video calls

       The smooth handoff between devices in the Apple ecosystem



       Only available to Apple device users


The Apps to Avoid :

Last we forget, we did promise to mention the apps to avoid.

Most of these apps are bad for your kids and teens more than they are for you, but they are poor on user privacy and data security fronts nonetheless.

They are TikTok, Kik, Whisper, GroupMe, and Chatous, among others.

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