Why should learn Python Programming Language in 2021 | Top Programming Language to learn in 2021.

Today we are going to look into top 5 reasons on why everyone should learn Python.

Why should learn Python Programming Language in 2021
Why should learn Python Programming Language in 2021 | Top Programming Language to learn in 2021.

1. Easy to learn / short code : 

It is very easy to learn so if you're a replacement programmer just starting out then Python is certainly easy to find out is because of its compact and English-like language. Lets have an example here on Java versus Python.

Why should learn Python Programming Language in 2021
Java versus Python. Why should learn Python in 2021

Java it is lot more lines of code and it's not very intuitive or easy to remember whereas in Python it's pretty compact less lines of code and extremely easy to remember. Even today when I want to open a file unless the Java or C++ I even have to do Google to figure out the exact API whereas for Python you'll wake me up in the middle of the night and I remember exactly what lines to write reason.

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2. Faster than other :

You can develop code much faster in Python compared to other compiled languages such as Java or C++ and there are three reasons for this.

a) Whatever we talked about earlier which is easy to remember course index so let's say if you remember off the highest of your head all the APS and syntax then you do not need to do Google an excessive amount of and you'll just type your code.

b) python is an interpreted language it doesn't have compilation I worked in C++ and I remember I used to spend majority of my time in compiling the code rather than that specialize in the important problem the entire comparison step is missing in Python which accelerates your development by large amount compared to C++ developing code in Python is a minimum of five times faster so for instance if it takes five hours to develop something in C++ in Python it takes just one hour.

c) This is very important there is library for everything PYP I which is a Python package index has more than hundred thousand packages so if you want to do something there's an enormous possibility that somebody has returned or for that orderly and you'll directly use it there's only a package available and this is often awesome because now you do not need to write an excessive amount of code you'll just use a ready-made code from someone decent.

3. Rich set of Python Libraries :

What I just mentioned earlier which is a rich set of libraries. Python has more than hundred thousand packages so let's see if you are working with images then there is pillow if you're a database programmer there is SQL alchemy if you are doing scientific computing then there is SciPy there is number Matplotlib the list just goes on and on top of it everything is open source so you'll check out the code and if you discover any bug or enhancement then you'll send a pull request otherwise you can fork the repo and you'll make adjustments.

4. Base of Machine learning and AI :

Python is used heavily in three specific domains data science, machine learning and scientific computing. The reason python is so popular in these three areas is the whole ecosystem of Jupiter not book combined with these awesome packages such as Scikit-learn number SciPy and pandas makes it a perfect candidate for these three areas.

5. Job opportunities available :

There are so many job opportunities available in Python companies like Google and Facebook uses it heavily so if you've got good skills in Python then it's very easy to get employment also a number of the favored websites like YouTube kora Survey Monkey and Dropbox are powered by Python now these are very high scale systems doing some work so it proves the purpose that Python are often used for enterprise systems.

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