What's new about Whatsapp new privacy policy? Whatsapp privacy policy update? What to do now?

What are the main changes in whatsapp terms of service and privacy policy:

Whatsapp privacy policy update? What to do now?
  • User data including but not limited to IP address, battery level, signal strength, time zone, etc. will be collected by Whatsapp.
  • Almost all your information will be shared with Facebook. This includes your mobile number, device information, IP address, transaction data and more.

What if I ignore the whatsapp new privacy policy update?

As long as you want to use Whatsapp, you cannot ignore this update because after 8 February, 2021 Whatsapp will stop working on the devices that do not accept and agree' to the updated privacy policy.

Can I avoid whatsapp privacy policy change BY DELETING MY ACCOUNT?

  • Deleting either the app or the Whatsapp account won't help because your data won't get deleted from other groups of yours.
  • Any information related to you stored on other accounts will continue to be accessible even if you delete your account or app.

Will there be ads on Whatsapp?

Though an official notice is not out yet, but Whatsapp may soon start showing business ads! 

Can people see our messages and media after whatsapp privacy policy?

Yes, your end-to-end encrypted chats can be accessed by the parent company Facebook and the data will be stored in their data banks across the globe.


You must be very careful while interacting with business accounts on Whatsapp because your data may be visible to large chunks of people from that business and to third party service providers.

What is the motive behind the whatsapp new privacy policy?

  • Whatsapp wishes to increase the transparency in business operations by allowing buyers and sellers to talk directly over Whatsapp.
  • They have also clarified that consumer chats will be safe and users can opt to not chat with business accounts.

Here’s are the list of data that whatsapp collects from their users:

  1. WhatsApp Data Collection
  2. Device ID
  3. User ID
  4. Advertising Data
  5. Purchase History
  6. Coarse Location
  7. Phone Number
  8. Email Address
  9. Contacts
  10. Product Interaction
  11. Crash Data
  12. Performance Data
  13. Other Diagnostic Data
  14. Payment Info
  15. Customer Support
  16. Product Interaction
  17. Other User Content


The Facebook-owned company has been backfired by a few users over privacy concerns, and users are searching for other options. Are Signal and Telegram is best options to replace WhatsApp? Please let us know your option in comments below.

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