Top 8 Programming Languages In 2021 | Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2021

There's no doubt that Programming is a highest demand right now and will be for coming years. The growing demand within the it industry can make it confusing to select one programming language that's suitable and helpful for an individual so in this article lets talk about a list of Top 10 Programming Languages, you should learn in the year 2021.

Top 8 Programming Languages In 2021 | Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2021
8 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2021 

Now we've analyzed and understood the high demand coding languages within the coming year. This list can assist you plan your career in 2021.

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1. Python :

Python programming language is that the fastest growing and one among the most popular programming languages with reliable and well-built frameworks. It is open source and straightforward to find out. Python is a high-level, general-purpose and a highly versatile Programming language which finds its applications in AI, Machine Learning and Data Science.

The big companies that use python for development are Instagram, Spotify, Amazon and Facebook among many others.

2. Javascript :

Javascript is that the most popular language for web development today highly interactive and websites and web applications are powered by Javascript. It was the go-to language for front-end development it still is but now it's also getting used for server side or back-end development. JavaScript supports a number of different frameworks from Node.js to React.js to Vue, Angular and Meteor and more.

The scope is additionally rapidly expanding in the areas of game development and internet of things (IOT). The businesses using Javascript as their programming language are Paypal, Google, Microsoft.

3. PHP :

PHP is Open-Sourced and mainly used for developing dynamic and data-heavy Websites and applications. Now, 79% of all websites whose Server-Side language we know, has been based off of PHP.

PHP is simple, fast and platform independent which is why most Front-end Developers start off their career by learning this language. It supports a lot of frameworks. A few of them are Cake PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony and Phalcon and many more. The companies like TCS, HCL, Motorola and Oracle are constantly using PHP language.

4. SQL :

Structured Query Language or commonly known as SQL is a special purpose Programming language used to interact with Database. It works by analyzing and understanding different fields and tables, in a database and most top tech companies cannot do without it.

In fact a lot of Fortune 500 companies have built their own version of a High Performance Database Systems using SQL. Now, it is quite a popular language. The companies using SQL are AirBnB, Netflix, Uber, Google and
Facebook among many others.

5. R programming :

R language is comprehensive and statistical analysis language and it encourages developers to implement new ideas R works best on Linux and Microsoft windows. R was designed by Statisticians and
specializes in Mathematical Computations. That is why it is known as the Lingua Franca of Statistics.

The application of R within the field of knowledge science, statistical computing and machine learning. The businesses using R as their programing language are Capgemini, Cognizant and Accenture among many others.

6. Java :

Java is the foremost demanding programming language evident by its worldwide usage. In modern times Java is one of the most popular Programming languages and it is probably due to its ability to design custom applications that are light, fast and serve a lot of different purposes.

It is Open-Sourced and relatively easy to learn. It boasts a strong memory management, high functionality, top-notch security and backwards
compatibility. It is also cross platform compatible and supports a number of frameworks namely : Hibernate, Spring and Strut and many more.
The companies using java as their programming language are IBM, HCL and Infosys among many others.

7. C# :

C# is an object oriented and straight forward to find out programming language it is fast and supports an outsized number of libraries for rich functionality and this makes it subsequent most suitable option after C++.

C# programing language is popularly known for developing windows and its applications and now it's also getting used for developing windows and even VR games. The companies using c-sharp as their programming language are Microsoft and Amazon are using this language.

8. C and C++ :

C++ is one among the foremost efficient and flexible programming languages even though it's relatively old language in comparison to others during this list it has maintained its demand due to the high performance and reliability. C++ was built to support object-oriented programming and has rich libraries.

The companies using C++ as their programming language are Adobe, Microsoft, Google.

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