Top 10 Reasons To Buy Moto G 5G ⚡ Cheapest 5G, Big Display, Stock Android | Best smartphones under 20,000/-

 The new 5g phones have officially started entering the mass market category in India and to start things off this one moto g 5g has come under Rs. 20,000. When I say mass market it means it is within the reach of common public 90% of consumers who buy phones which are between 10k and 15k or 15k to 20k while this one is priced at 20 triple line with offers and all you are definitely getting a 5g phone under Rs. 20,000 and that's a big deal it is a start of something that is going to keep happening more and more frequently you are going to see cheaper 5g phones probably starting from 15k and then 10k and even under 10k.

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Moto G 5G ⚡ Cheapest 5G, Big Display, Stock Android | Best smartphones under 20,000/-
Source : Motorola official website

But first let's talk about moto g 5g I think this is a really really great phone and before I start with that I also want to talk about how motorola in 2020 has made a lot of difference in indian market and they are finally taking indian market very very seriously they have launched quite a bit of phones which are aggressively priced at the same times they are good on

Moto g 5g display specifications and reviews: The display 6.7 inch full hd plus display yes it does not have amoled neither does it have fast refresh rate. The display the colors are very good they are quite vibrant the viewing angles are also quite good even though it has got 60 hertz panel the response time for opening the apps was quite good.

Moto g 5g processor specifications and reviews: Let's talk about processor yes that's the big highlight 750 g which is a 5g processor even though it is named 750g in few aspects it is even better than 765g in fact if you will see the scores they are around the same this one gives you antutu score of 3 lakh 25000 which I think is quite decent when it comes to gaming performance you can play literally any game even the heaviest of them at high to very high settings without too many frame drops and there is a reason to it it is just not about processor it is also the OS yes it is a vanilla android it is stock android but yes with some customizations through and clean UI you really get great performance.

Moto g 5g camera specifications and reviews: When it comes to camera I will not say it is one of the highlights because in this particular price range there are quite a few which give good camera setup even better camera setup this one has got 48 megapixel triple camera setup at the back so 48 megapixel plus 8 megapixel plus 2 megapixel and 16 megapixel at the front that's what I'm saying camera is not the highlight but it is not bad either.

Moto g 5g battery specifications and reviews: When it comes to battery 5000 mah hour battery with 20 watt turbo charge fast charge and it works quite well I mean 5000 even for a heavy user it should easily last a day so absolutely no problems there good camera good display excellent processor and backed it up with a battery and fast charger.

Moto g 5g RAM and ROM specifications and reviews: I think this one makes a compelling device but that's not all it has got few good things especially you don't see them in these smartphones in this category smartphones like ip52 certification which i don't think any other phone gives under 20 000 or 15 000 but this one has it it also has NFC support. The 6gb RAM and 128gb ROM variant comes at 20k. I think moto g 5g is really good.

Best 5g smart phone under 20k: if you want a 5g phone under 20k with all round performance and decent camera good display. Motorola really did well in 2020 and I think they should continue in 2021.

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