What is Whatsapp Pay | Steps to enabled | How to use Whatsapp pay | Whatsapp new feature

The WhatsApp Pay feature will allow users to make payments to anyone from their contact list. Make payment to anyone through Whatsapp Pay from anywhere and at anytime. The new feature will enable WhatsApp users to both send and receive payments.

What is Whatsapp Pay | Steps to enabled | Easily start sending and receiving payments using Whatsapp Pay
What is Whatsapp Pay and how to enabled Whatsapp pay feature in your devices.

Here are the steps to start sending and receiving payments using Whatsapp Pay:

  • Click on share button and tap on Payment icon to start the payment process. Accept the Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy to continue.
  • Then select your bank that you will be using to send and receive money. By default, many banks like Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank Of India and Yes Bank have been listed. If your bank has not been listed yet, you have to add manually to use the payments feature.
  • After that, WhatsApp will show you all the accounts that have been linked to your phone number. You will need to verify the debit card details linked to the account. IMPORTANT : You have allowed to create a payment method to the same number which linked to your bank also.
  • After that, you will need to set up a UPI PIN. You will receive an OTP on your linked number after which you will be allowed to set up a six-digit UPI PIN of your choice. IMPORTANT : The UPI PIN should not be simple and don't share with anyone keep secret.
  • Finally, all setup is complete and you will now be able to send and receive money in WhatsApp using Whatsapp pay feature.

Once, the WhatsApp Payment option is enabled in your Whatsapp account, go to a chat window and open the chat to to which you need to send cash. Presently, tap on the attachment symbol which will currently have another Payment option enable. After choosing the WhatsApp Payments choice, enter the amount you wants to send and after that it ask for UPI pin (please don not share keep secret) which you have to entered to complete the transaction.

WhatsApp Pay guarantee a quick cash move without putting away equalization in an e-wallet. It not giving option for e-wallet. Lets see if in future it will be added. Whatsapp Pay is one of the most significant feature of WhatsApp which began as an basic texting application. WhatsApp Pay is presently accessible for both Android and iOS users.

At this moment it is just accessible for Brazil users. Soon it will be available for all country. This feature on WhatsApp is empowered by Facebook Pay and prepared by Cielo in Brazil.

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