What is Malicious software? l Types of malicious software.

Malicious software and their types:

Malicious software is any software that gives partial to full control of the system to attack. It is also known as malware. They are in the form of:

1) Virus: A virus is a program that create a copies of itself and insert these copies into other computer programs, data files or into the boot sector of hard disk.

2) Worm: A worm is a type of malware which leaves a copy of itself in the memory of each computer in its path

3) Trojan Horse: It is a non self replicating types of malware that contain malicious code, which results in the loss of data or harm the system.

4) Backdoor / trapdoor: A trapdoor is a secret entry point into a program that allow someone to gain access without going through the usual security access.

5) Logic bomb: It is the piece of code inserted into an operating system/software application that implements a malicious function after a certain amount of time or at specific condition are met.

6) Zombie/Bot: It is a computer connected to internet that has been compromised by the hacker.

7) Spyware: Software that collects information from a computer and transmits it to an another system.

8) Adware: Advertising that is integrated into software. It can result in pop ups ads or a browser to a commercial site. Sometime It gives a warning before.

9) Rootkit: It is defined as a malicious computer software hidden deep inside a PC and remain undetectable.

10) Mobile code: It is any software program designed to move from computer to computer and network to network. It infects hard drive, resulting in rapid code replication.

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