Twitter new upcoming feature | "Your Tweet Your Voice" | Twitter Voice Feature | Here are the steps :

Twitter new voice Tweet feature: Twitter is the place you go to discuss what's going on. Throughout the years, photographs, recordings, Gifs, and additional characters have permitted you to include your own style and character to your discussions. In any case, here and there 280 characters aren't sufficient and some conversational subtleties are lost in interpretation.

Twitter new upcoming feature | Your Tweet Your Voice | Here are the steps
Image soure : Twitter | Twitter new upcoming feature | Your Tweet Your Voice |

Recently, Twitter added a new feature for all platform known as Twitter moment. With the help of Twitter moments you an add your stories and It’s easy to create your own story. Just similar to other such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook. It will allow you to post photos, videos, and text that disappear after a short period of time.

Your Tweet Your Voice: So beginning today, Twitter testing another new feature in iOS that will add an increasingly human touch to the manner in which we use Twitter – your own one of a kind voice. Soon it will be launched for Android users.

Tweeting with your voice isn't excessively not the same as Tweeting with text. To begin, open the Tweet arranger and tap the new symbol with frequencies. You'll see your profile photograph with the record button at the base – tap this to record your voice.

Each voice Tweet catches as long as 140 seconds of sound. Have more to state? Continue talking. When you arrive at as far as possible for a Tweet, another voice Tweet begins consequently to make a string.

Here is the steps you can follow to Tweet your voice:

Individuals will see your voice Tweet show up on their course of events nearby different Tweets. To tune in, tap the picture. You can also keep listening while doing different things on your phone or in a hurry.

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