Erangel 2.0 launched on the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile | Pubg new map Erangel 2.0 | Features of Erangel 2.0 map

PUBG Mobile recently launched a new Jungle Adventure mode update. PUBG will be soon to launch the new version of Erangel Map called Erangel 2.0 along with some other updates and improvements. PUBG Mobile is called "Game for Peace" in China and this update are presently launched in China.

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Erangel 2.0 launched on the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile | Pubg new map Erangel 2.0
Pubg new map Erangel 2.0

Top features of PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 map

1) Ultra HD graphics settings : Ultra HD graphics settings option has been added to the beta version of Pubg. Presently, if anyone tries to click on Ultra HD graphics settings, a message "coming soon" pops up on the screen. But with this upadate players would be able to play the game with Ultra HD graphics. A huge graphical improvement is clearly visible to the Erangel 2.0 Map. The detailing of all the buildings and environment are reached to the next level. Even every element of the environment i.e. sky, water, and vegetation get a more realistic touch. Among the new additions abandoned tanks, horse skeletons, bunkers, and trenches are noticed. Basements are added to some of the buildings and the Nuclear Plant, Mine, and Prison area are wrapped with a new layout. Along with these, the Ultra High Quality option is also enabled in Erangel 2.0 new map.

Ultra HD graphics in Pubg new map Erangel 2.0
Ultra HD graphics settings 

2) Route Planner : The course organizer include helps in arranging a way ahead of time. According to the report, players should stamp numerous areas which will be utilized as way points, making an arranged course for moving between various spots. This would permit players to realize where to go next without opening the guide on numerous occasions. Erangel 2.0 allow players to mark multiple locations on the mini map which will connect automatically.

Route Planner

3) Vehicle Controls Customization : PUBG Mobile players are already aware of the control customization in the game. The game currently allows players to customize only movement and weapon controls.

But in the Erangel 2.0 update, players would also be able to customize the vehicle control buttons. Ranging from size adjustments to changing opacity, there's no doubt that the control section of PUGB Mobile is showing signs of improvement with each new update.

4) Secret Underground Bunkers : The most exciting aspect about Erangel 2.0 are the secret bunkers in these remodelled apartments. To access these bunkers, players would have to break a wooden shield with their weapons and get to it via stairs. However, one shouldn't ignore the fact that enemies can also raid you when they see the broken entrance.

Pubg mobile working one year age on the new map Erangel 2.0. Finally, It launched in the chinese app version and will be available soon in the global version of Pubg. As per report, by the end of 2020 Erangel 2.0 update will launched in global version.

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