Negative Effects of Lock down in India because of Corona Virus | Top 10 Negative impact of COVID 19

Maharashtra government has extended the lockdown till July 31 as the COVID-19 cases continue to rise. This is the stage where you have to personally understand.

Negative effects of lockdown in india because of coronavirus

According to the latest guidelines issued on Monday: Essential goods shops except medical will be working from 9 am to 5 pm. To purchase any essential goods only one person is allowed to go out. More then 1 going out will be arrested and while going out ensure to keep your address proof document with you i.e aadhar card or driving licence.

Unnecessarily going out is not allowed and while buying products from a shop one should maintain distance of 5 feet from another person. Even roaming in our society and nearby area without any reason is not allowed.

If senior citizens staying alone. Please call Mumbai Police number 18002002122

What are negative effects of lock down in India because of Corona Virus :

1. Indian employees are facing salary cut : A lot of many employee are fearing loss of jobs, some have already seen salary cuts and also the appraisals are getting delayed. The COVID-19 crises and the continuous lock down has left employee feeling on edge and stressed over their future.

2. India is facing immense migration and reverse migration too:

3. India is facing loss of jobs for employees: India is a country with young workforce which is getting jobless

4. Over population is creating lack of medical facilities : A serious disadvantage of India’s health service is the population. Also at the same time shortage of medical personnel like doctors, a nurse etc. is a basic problem in the health sector.

5. People migration has caused a strain on the earning potential of the People due to less salary as well as increasing asset needs.

6. Rising fuel prices have further added to the pressure of people's earning potential by giving an extra burden on the people's expenses.

7. The reverse migration have further increased the chance of second wave of corona virus which can be more dangerous as it might be a little mutated virus than before.

8. Every part of society especially the poor have suffered a lot especially those earning every day creating a havoc in the livelihood of poor people.

9. The financial sector of our country have also undergone through rigorously tough situation creating dis balance in the maintenance of basic budgets of financial institutions

10. Bigger educational institutions are too suffering a lot indirectly affecting the student's career by converting the classroom sessions into online one which is undoubtedly the reasons for student' s safety

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