WhatsApp group video calling features update 2020

At first, Whatsapp introduced the video calling and then the group video calling but it was limited to only upto 4 participants.

During the current pandemic situation many startups like zoom, Google duo, Microsoft teams etc group video calling apps became the centre of attention and users are also increased. But some of them are not very secure, most of the companies and  even governments are not using it due to privacy concerns. So whatsapp has started working on to improve the video call participants limit.

As spotted by the Wabetainfo, a couple of days ago they found the hint in the code about the group video calling update. And now whatsapp has released the beta update in the latest beta of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp increased the limit on the number of participants who can join a video call from 4 to 8. So that more people using WhatsApp to take and make group calls with friends and family.

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