WhatsApp best upcoming features | Whatsapp 5 new feature | Here are the lists

If you still wondering what's new upcoming on WhatsApp? Keep on reading to know the answer. There will be many updates has to be come in 2020. Some of them are:

WhatsApp best upcoming features | Whatsapp new feature | Here are the lists |
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1. WhatsApp will allow Google search for messages and photos :

WhatsApp is looking to introduce a new search feature that will ensure the users can check the authenticity of forwarded messages. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has been currently working on this new feature. This new feature will help to check whether the message they have received is fully authorized or not. The decision comes on the back of an increase in spread of misinformation or fake news in the current scenario.

A search option will be added in Whatsapp next to forwarded messages that are being rotated frequently. Tap on the search icon, a dialogue box will appear - if the users want to search the message on the web. This will upload the message to Google and find the source of the message. This feature was spotted in the beta version of WhatsApp Android app in WhatsApp version 2.20.94.

2. Multiple device support per account :

For now, you can use WhatsApp on multiple desktops with the same account. With multi-platform support, multiple gadgets can be utilized with a similar record, say on iOS and Android. 

On the off chance if this is true, you may before long have the option to use your WhatsApp account on different gadgets like your cell phone and your tablet. Only for explanation, this is unique in relation to utilizing WhatsApp on the web. This new feature would permit clients to check their records in the local WhatsApp informing application on numerous gadgets.

Since the feature is still under development, it isn’t clear how this would work.

3. Whatsapp Pay :

The WhatsApp Pay feature will allow users to make payments to anyone from their contact list. Make payment to anyone through Whatsapp Pay from anywhere and at anytime. The new feature will enable WhatsApp users to both send and receive payments.

To know the steps click here : Whatsapp Pay

4. Boomerang effect on WhatsApp :

It has been found that WhatsApp is also developing a Boomerang feature, which allows users to create a looping videos easily.

"The feature will be visible when the video is less than 7 seconds long," says a WABetaInfo report. Using the option will create a looped video, which can then be shared with your contacts, to groups, and as a WhatsApp status. This feature is now being developed and isn't accessible even for the users on the beta form of the application. There is no ETA yet, but it's said the feature will be rolled out to WhatsApp for iOS first and then to Android users.

5. WhatsApp message sharing limit:

As you know there are unlimited fake news are rolling everywhere and people just share without thinking whether it is true or not. But now WhatsApp has decreased the sharing limit to only one group.

Now, WhatsApp users can only share anything to only one group.

I request please don't share any fake news  without knowing in details and also do not click on any such fake news.

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