Kamal Haasan open letter to honorable Prime Minister.

As we all know the condition what we all are facing because of Corona virus. Our Government is also doing everything whatever is possible to meet the needs of each and every one.

however, some are facing problems specially which are middle class and poor people.

Kamal Haasan write a open letter to our honorable Prime Minister asking some questions. These questions are the problems what common and poor peoples facing because of covid19 lockdown.

Read full letter from here what Kamal Haasan wrote:

Kamal Haasan also wrote to our Prime Minister in letter that you are the best. Your decision are always right. What you said we all follows. But these time you are wrong sir.

Actually what Kamal Haasan wrote in letter to Prime Minister some points are true. Every one has problem. But what we do? Where to go? How to solve these problems?
Please comment if you also facing some problem.

I also want to tell you that Kamal Haasan converted his house to Hospital for corona virus treatment.

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  1. Hy Buddy your blog is awesome, and you post very informative article. Please keep it up.
    Charming actor Kartik Aaryan his Biography , He also said needy people faced many problem. And no help is going to these people.


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