TY.BSc - Computer Science (AC ) Sem 5 Question Paper 2016-17


1) State any 2 types of lists? Explain the tags used with them.
2) Explain global attributes
3) What are image maps? Differentiate between client side image maps and server side image maps.
4) Explain the tags with basic attributes
i) <link> vi) <marquee>
ii) <map> vii) <frame>
iii) <style>
iv) <script>
v) <span>
5)Explain any 5 attributes of Image tags.
6)Write a short note on Table Tag.
7)Write a short note on Form Tag.
8)Write a short note on Frame Tag.
9)What are the 3 ways to insert a CSS? Explain any 1.
10)Differentiate between cell spacing and cell padding.
11)Explain the term ‘Design for the medium’.
12)What is WWW? Explain three tier architecture of the web based application.
13)Write a short note on URL.
14)What are the benefits of graphics based navigation?
15)Explain text based navigation.
16)Write a short note on site navigation.
17)Explain the steps to be followed while preparing page template.
18)What are the important points need to be considered while choosing an ISP?
19)State factors to be considered while testing a website.
20)Explain search engine and their functionality.
21)Write a short note on website publishing.


1) What are the advantages of using JavaScript on client-side?
2)What is DOM? State its properties & methods.
3)Explain Event handlers supported by java script.
4) Explain the use of the following dialog boxes in java script
i) Prompt
ii) Alert
iii) Confirm
5) Write a short note on the following objects
i) Window
ii) Location
iii) History
iv) Document
6) What is XML?
7)What are the different types of XML markup?
8)Write a short note on DTD.
9)How are style sheets used with XML?
10)What is the difference between valid xml document and well formed document?


1) Describe CLS. What is cross language interoperability achieved by CLS
2) Write a short note on CLR.
3) Write a short note on CLS.
4) Define
i) Interface
ii) Delegates
iii) Class
iv) Metadata
v) CTS
5) Explain Assemblies.
6) Give any 5 Built-In value types of .Net Data types.
7) Define Variables & constants in .Net. How to declare and initialize variable and constant? Give eg.
8) What are the different types of operators in VB.NET? Explain any 1.
9) Explain the following
i) Arithmetic operators
ii) Assignment operators
iii) Logical operators
iv) Relational operators
10) Program With function
11) Give syntax for if...else statement in VB.NET? Give eg.
12) Give syntax for Select case statement in VB.NET? Give eg.
13) Program with select case
14) What is implicit casting?
15) What is Explicit casting?
16) Give functions for explicit data conversion.
17) What are the different types of decision making statements in VB.NET?
18) List properties of string class with example
19) List any 5 methods of string class.
20) Explain DateTime Class. Explain its properties and methods.
21) Write methods for performing operations on dates & times.
22) Explain any 5 controls in VB.NET
23) Explain properties and methods OpenFileDialog control.
24) Explain properties and methods SaveFileDialog control.
25) Write a short note MessageBox.
26) Explain the following classes
i) StreamReader
ii) StreamWriter
27) Write a short note on Masked TextBox.
28) What are the properties and methods of Array class?
29) What is an ArrayList? Explain with an example.
30) How to create a user defined event? Explain with an example.


1) How to create a user defined event?
2) What is overloaded constructor? Explain with example.
3) What are the partial classes? Explain with an example.
4) How to create a strong name assembly?
5) What is class library? What are its advantages?
6) Explain Gacutil utility.
7) Explain custom control with an example.
8) What are the advantages of ADO.NET?
9) Explain the following classes
i) Connection
ii) Command
iii) DataReader
iv) DataAdapter
10) Write a short note on DataSet.
11) What are the advantages of LINQ?
12) What are the keywords used to work with LINQ?

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